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Ladies and gentlemen, may we present to you “Cold Blooded.” Blood, gore, lust, and laughs, everything that was fun about the theatre is back!

Life imitates art, which is unfortunate for 1960s exploitation film star Renee Flame, who finds herself on the run from a demented daughter she pinned a murder on ten years earlier. Renee finds solace in the arms of an ancient religious cult, who turn themselves into alligators when sexually aroused. All this plus songs too!

“Cold Blooded” not only pays zany homage to exploitation films of the early sixties seen only in the lowest of drive-in movie theatres. It is also a loving tribute to the underground theatre of the past, the kind of theatre that made the Village what it is.

After five years of development and a highly successful staged reading at the Players Theatre last fall, the Theatre for the New City, one of New York’s premiere off-off-Broadway theatres has included us in their fall season.